Allison Mackler

Denver, Colorado, USA

Life is an adventure! I love to learn and have pursued differing interests for work and for pleasure. I have worked in many jobs and a few careers.

I love the arts and never turn down an opportunity to enjoy and participate in art. My first foray into higher education was in the visual arts. I have both worked in and directed an art gallery. I loved reviewing art, meeting the artists and putting together great shows.

Automobiles have always been a love of mine from as far back as my early teens. I have a special place in my heart for vintage Volkswagen and have enjoyed owning and rebuilding them. I have a need for speed and love driving wonderful drivers cars. My dream would be to have Jay Leno's garage! I have a degree in automotive technology and have worked as a mechanic. There is nothing more satisfying than taking apart and engine and putting it back together again and having it start right up.

Technology has become my mainstay in life. Although I have loved computers and programming since having a TRS-80 as a kid, I didn't pursue a degree and career in technology until after pursuing other loves. I currently work as a software engineer. Moving my problem solving, creativity and building skills into the world of computers was a very natural transition. I especially enjoy mentoring younger developers and helping them get the best start in their career.

When I'm not working, I am digging up ancestors, playing with my dogs, reading the next great novel, taking a drive on a winding mountain road or speeding around a track on a frozen lake, visiting museums, attending theatrical productions and concerts, or taking a walk through the art district for First Fridays, tinkering in the garage, and taking on my basement remodel.

My next great adventure is travel and I can't wait to start!

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