Allison McBride

Student in Athens, Georgia

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A year and a half does not seem like a long time when compared to how long you spend doing other things. High school, for example, is four years long, but a year and a half of working definitely changed me. My job at Bruster’s looked like all sprinkles and fun from the outside but really it was a lot of work for crappy pay. I was a crew leader and ice cream maker so I had many responsibilities in the shop. I learned important skills like leadership and time management. I also learned to reason with all kinds of people; we had some very crazy customers and it was my job to make sure they left happy. But what really changed me and made the crappy pay worth it was my coworkers. My bosses taught me many life lessons and were full of wisdom. The other scoopers were very diverse; we all came from different places and all had stories to tell. I miss a lot of the people I worked with because they helped me look at life differently. We all had different thoughts, experiences, and perspectives to share. Though a year and half does not seem like a long time, it is surprising how many friendships you can make and how those friends can change you.