Allison Miller

Allison Miller is a former editorial page editor, and before that an editorial writer for the two other newspapers.

Editorial Pages: Why Courage Is Hard to Find
The Star Tribune published strong editorials about the Bush administration lack of truth telling when few other papers did, and an editor there explores why.
By Allison Miller

I love what the word "newspaperman" — or "newspaperwoman" — implies: someone who knows a lot but lacks pretension; someone who knows how to take names. The quintessential newspaperman for me was the late Lars-Erik Nelson. That kind of journalistic courage is difficult to find today. I'm not talking about physical courage, which many good journalists display daily in their reporting on Iraq and other dangerous places. People I consider courageous are Murray Waas of National Journal; Dan Froomkin at; Warren Strobel and several of his colleagues at the McClatchy Washington bureau.