Allison Noble

Well, I thought it would be a bit impractical to write about myself in just 160 characters, that requires more simplistic imagination! Well basically i'm Allison Noble. I've been given multiple nicknames, 'Aldo' seems to be a current favourite. I'm 18 now WOOHOO!!!

Big Bang Theory is a religion! If you don't like it, I don't want to hear it.

I love all sorts of music and LIVE to sing! If you're near me, you'll more than likely hear me;)! Musicals are my absolute FAVE!

I enjoy the simple things. I always have :) I'm also a lazy git! But that's why people invented remote controls ha! Some folk obsess about going out and partying, don't get me wrong, I like a party. But sometimes a wee movie night does me just fine. :)

I've JUST left school! It was good... well as good as school can be ha. The memories shall always be with me! SOME MORE THAN OTHERS.

The start of 2012 was rather clouded but i've put that sillyness behind me and i'm now focusing on getting ready to go to uni. BRING ON UHI! :D

I think a lot of random things. My friends like to remind me of that ;)

I've learnt so far this year that there are people who will always be there and sometimes it's the ones you know the least who are there the most. All these people know who they are and I love you dearly :) <3


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Anyways, I think that's enough nonsense! :D Have a nice day ;)! x