Allison Rae Stewart

North Carolina, United States

I spend my days creating lifelong learners by making education relevant for my third graders.

Constantly trying to be better at my craft, I push myself to learn more whenever I can. I am a model of learning to my students, and I want them to see the beauty and power that education holds for each of them.

It will take a massive shift in the way we think about educating children before we see any change in our schools; we must be open to failure and risk with the betterment of our children at the forefront of our minds. This will take a revolution, not just a reformation.

I firmly believe that Jesus saves and ice cream cures all. I believe in public education, naps, and sweet tea. I believe in doing crosswords in ink and staying up late to have meaningful conversations with people. I believe in flannel, local coffee shops, and good books.

  • Work
    • Frank Porter Graham Bilingüe Elementary
  • Education
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill