Allison Roberts

Allison Roberts

My name is Allison Roberts and I'm 20 years old.

I am currently a junior at Morehead State University and I'm focused on an area of concentration in Psychology.

My interests vary from video games to writing and can be as random as knitting or blogging. I came to Morehead from a small town of Powell County, Kentucky but I'm not like half of the people that live there. I have a strong drive within myself and long to be successful and happy in life.

I have always had an interest in writing even if it was just 2 words or over a thousand. Writing is an outlet for me as I tend to stress out over anything and everything.

As of right now, I intend to graduate Morehead State in 2017 and continue my degree in Psychology to become a clinical psychologist/therapist. Writing and/or English is my side project and stress relief throughout the rest of my time but I have always questioned transitioning to the arts side of things.

With my future I hope to help every person I can and intend to guide the world in a healthy direction.