Allison Ross

Writer, Business coach, and Marketer in Cape Town, South Africa

What do you do when you stop believing in a cause you’ve championed for almost a decade?

That’s where I find myself right now.

Since starting my own marketing consulting business in 2007, I’ve been a woman on a mission. To anyone willing to listen – and many who were not – I would assert my view on the need for a lazer-sharp target market, a clear marketing message, and a detailed strategy for delivering the message in a way that makes money.

Nothing wrong with that, except that it seldom works! There’s a reason why more than 90% of start-ups fail and it’s certainly not because they messed up their marketing.

So I've written a book that I would like every struggling entrepreneur to read.

In The Easy-Going Entrepreneur, I’ve incorporated basic business principles with the principles of the Law of Attraction to present a comprehensive and holistic model for marketing strategy development.

More about me...I’m an entrepreneur based in South Africa. As a small business owner, I understand that trying to build a sustainable business while leading a balanced life is an on-going challenge.

Through my journey, I was privileged to meet a number of mentors who helped me find my space in life and in business. Through it all, I’m realising that business can be simple! And it is this simple process that I am sharing with you through my coaching, consulting, and writing.

I hope you find my book useful!

Warm regards

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    • Owner at Allison Ross Consulting
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    • University of the Western Cape