Allison Schrader

I am a singer. Not the kind you are thinking of. I'm more like a minstrel, if you will, making music as I stroll through my days. (Who am I kidding? There is no strolling, unless pushing a stroller counts!) But there is music and there is singing.

I'm your average prodigal daughter who went looking for love, fame and fortune in all the wrong places. When I finally came to my senses I was lavished upon.

I am passionate about life and my relationships: my husband, whom I call "fly," and my sweet children, "The Bug," "Little Man," and "Peanut Grace," and the people who still love me when I'm out of tune.

I have a strong infatuation with musicals, Shakespeare and 90's top hits. Nothing makes me more angry than injustice, especially when it's done to "the least of these."

I love Jesus. He saved me from so much...from myself. It's because of Him I can wake up in the morning and sing. It's because of Him that with whatever a day may hold, I choose to sing along.