Allison Staffin

Currently acting as the Assistant Principal of Cherry Hill High School West, Allison Staffin handles a variety of educational, developmental, and administrative duties. As the supervisor of world language, social studies, language arts, and mathematics, Allison Staffin works closely with both teachers and students to strengthen pedagogy and advance academic achievement. Basing administrative decisions on information gathered from PSAT, SAT, and HSPA data, Ms. Staffin provides teachers with both formal and informal feedback regarding teaching methods, classroom environments, and overall staff involvement. She also coordinates room assignments, plans annual final exam testing schedules, organizes department meetings, and hires and coaches new staff members.

In 2007, Allison Staffin began managing all Title I-based federal funding programs. In 2010, she created and implemented the Summer Transition Academy. Designed as an enrichment program to assist students underperforming in math and English, the Summer Transition Academy has helped students achieve higher grades for two consecutive years. As a testament to her ability to effectively perform as Assistant Principal, Allison Staffin has shown steady annual progress in the school's performance for the past four years. Specifically, Ms. Staffin successfully helped remove Cherry Hill High School West from New Jersey's list of schools in need of improvement and recently presented at a state conference regarding how other schools can achieve similar goals. The recipient of the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer National Conference Scholarship and the New Jersey Best Practices Award, Allison Staffin also received the Aaron A. Flanzbaum 21st Century Democratic Heritage Award for designing a curriculum aimed at understanding intolerance and promoting equality. Outside the classroom, she enjoys reading, writing, and supporting Animal Welfare Association.