Allison Teague

Westminster West, Vermont

Third generation artist and writer, photographer and recently a triple award winning NENPA freelance journalist for 2012 and 2013, Teague's interest in environmental and social issues drives her passionate engagement in highlighting solutions, people and organizations, and her own emotional responses to challenges of a changing world.

Teague's background growing up in Vermont and a several decades spent living in Alaska, allowed her the perspective of earth-centered living that informs her writing, photography and visual work. She brings over six decades of living experience, as well as in-depth arts education, to any project she takes on, allowing the concept or message to determine the medium used to convey it.

Teague is available for consultation in areas of the arts such as developing projects with a message through the arts, using social media messaging to get the message out and build online exposure and community connections, as well as for workshops in painting, drawing and writing, photography assignments, press releases/articles/profiles/interviews, and curation and production of arts related events.

Teague brings focused, mature and sophisticated energy that can be leveraged to bring out the Beauty, message or inherent energy of any arts or writing project. Leveraging her lifetime resources of art and artists nationally and internationally, Teague's creative problem solving will always find solutions that are intriquing, sophisticated and beautiful.

  • Work
    • Freelance journalist, artist, consultant
  • Education
    • School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston