Allison Wermager

A contemporary visual artist, Allison Wermager utilizes a wide array of formats and mediums to illuminate facets of our modern life that are at odds with our basic human nature. For example, Ms. Wermager's Master of Fine Arts thesis project consisted of dozens of discarded answering machines, haphazardly strewn on the floor, with their stored voicemails playing for the audience. The disjointed, aural quality of the work speaks to the social disconnect encouraged by rapidly changing technologies. Observers of Ms. Wermager's project voyeuristically experience the daily trials or successes held on the machines, a juxtaposition of human empathy combined with old, discarded technology.

Allison Wermager creates art from sculpture, video, audio, photography, and mixed media. Her work frequently highlights social distance, either created by technology, wealth, or other forces. Since graduating from Cornell University with her MFA, Ms. Wermager has shown her work across the United States and in New York City's Grotto Gallery, Dan Cooney Gallery, and the Fashion Institute Museum. Recently, Ms. Wermager displayed a piece, titled "Test Assemble, Podium for Observation," at the Stroom Den Haag Museum in The Hague, Netherlands, her first international showing. In addition to the gallery shows, Ms. Wermager published a reference book, "Guide to Emerging Photographers," through the Humble Arts Foundation, and her photography appeared in Tokion Magazine in 2010.

Apart from her work as an artist, Allison Wermager taught Photography and guided senior design projects at New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology, where she is a tenured professor. Also, Ms. Wermager taught Digital Media at the Parsons The New School of Design as an Adjunct Professor. Ms. Wermager hails from a small rural town in Iowa and currently lives and works in New York City. For examples of her work, please visit her website at