Alliwah David

Nairobi, Kenya

Alliwah David

Nairobi, Kenya

Alliwah is a Kenyan-born versatile Gospel Musician,Seasoned Actor,Stage and Screen Director,Dancer,Model,Peer counselor,Motivator and an Entrepreneur. He is currently working on his 3rd Album.He is the Founder and C.E.O @ THEATRIX ARTS ENSEMBLE,ALLICAL Wear INTERNATIONAL and TUKUZA MILELE ENTERTAINMENT.


With his partner Cal he launched his music career in the year 2002 and they formed the celebrated duo group Alliwah & Cal and as listed by some of the leading entertainment News Papers in East Africa they two wer part of the first pioneers of the new gospel tune joining the like by then of Rufftone,Henrie Mutuku,The Shammah Boys,Milele

Launched first album Halle Halle in 23rd November 2002 @ Panafric Hotel.The launched was graced by 25 of the top gospel musician included the then Kora Award Winner Henrie Mutuku.The 10 track album that featured the now known K24 Business News Anchor Terryanne Chebet and produced by celebrated country music artiste Reuben Kigame.This made the two a household name and had one of their biggest breakthrough to perfom in Kampala.

He has literally perfomed and been on stage with most of the great gospel and secular acts in East Africa making him a versatile and respected stage perfomer.

Due to his abit laid back,struggling background and having lost his mum to cancer and left to take care of his two siblings life took turns and due to life demand studio time become expensive but he and his partner pushed there first album selling in for a record of 7 years before launching their new hit album "TUKUZA MILELE in the year 2010.

Alliwah has colloborated in his music with musician like Rufftone,Mary Atieno,Ambassada,Mbuvi among others.

He has worked with different producer and music studios including Ogopa Dj,Homeboyz Production,Sakata Media,Rkay,Carena.

He is passionate about creating unique films and pushing the limits of his own imagination. In addition to acting, Alliwah enjoys writing scripts and nurturing new talent.

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