Armenian Lifelong Learning League


“Armenian Lifelong Learning League” is a union of 12 NGOs active in the field of adult education and learning. The League seeks to integrate into local and international LLL processes and practices through effective collaboration with various stakeholders of the field. We are a young but growing network of single minded organisations which recognize and promote learning at all ages and through various forms (formal, non-formal and informal).

Our Vision is to become a leading organisation in the field of lifelong learning (LLL) development in Armenia by bringing together the potential of civil society around itself.

Our Mission is to support the formation of an efficiently acting and sustainably developing lifelong learning system for the sake of continuous personal, civic and professional development of an individual.
Our Goals are:
to raise public awareness about the role of LLL in developing knowledge society in Armenia
to continuously improve LLL strategy, policy and legislation in Armenia
to promote social partnership in the field of LLL
to develop human resources in the field of LLL
to integrate into the local and international LLL networks and processes
to support member organisations' institutional development and advocacy in the field of LLL

The League is guided by the following core values:

The Armenian Lifelong Learning League is sponsored by dvv international branch office in Armenia which is the first organisation to value the essential role of adult education and lifelong learning in Armenia and up to date works on establishing learning society and public awareness raising about the core issues of adult education and lifelong learning. dvv international has been implementing various projects aimed at adult education and lifelong learning in social, economic, political and cultural fields.

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