Allmet Roofing

A Headwaters company, Allmet Roofing Products provides homeowners with stone-coated steel roof solutions that combine superior durability with aesthetic appeal. Allmet Roofing's high-quality materials ensure long-term savings that more than offset installation costs. The lightweight roofing systems offer state-of-the-art protection that can decrease insurance premiums by more than one-third.

The advantages of quality steel roofing systems are diverse and compelling. On average, non-steel roofs last for between 10 to 20 years before requiring extensive repair or re-roofing. Each Allmet Roofing stone-coated steel roof comes with a transferrable limited lifetime warranty that ensures decades of fully functional use. The coverage is augmented by a Headwaters company 2.5-inch hailstone warranty and a 120 mile-per-hour wind warranty. The roofs are designed to maintain their "as new" look even under extreme weather conditions. All materials have been tested extensively as conforming to Class A Fire Rating standards and perform exceptionally during severe fire exposure.

Allmet Roofing Products offers a wide range of colors and finishes on its roofs, including the appearance of slate, cedar shake, and clay tile. A distinct advantage of the lighter-colored materials is that they maximize solar reflectivity and reduce air conditioning costs during the hot summer months. A buffer zone of "dead air" between the new stone-coated steel roof and the old roofing deck adds superior cold-weather insulation properties.

Allmet Roofing maintains a nationwide network of exclusive distributors and independently contracted factory-trained installers. Homeowners considering upgrading to a steel roofing solution are encouraged to contact Allmet Roofing Products at