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Deodorants and antiperspirants are widely used as skin care products to keep body odor away. A major ingredient of these products is aluminum compounds which can be harmful for health. An all natural deodorant is free from aluminum compounds and helps in removing body odor.
The aluminum compounds clog the sweat pores of underarms and when absorbed into the body they cause major health problems. However an all-natural deodorant is free from aluminum and fights body odor and perspiration in a natural way without clogging the sweat pores. Moreover organic ingredients in natural deodorants such as lemon oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, and arrowroot extract remove body odor and emit their characteristic fragrance.
Deodorants containing aluminum, parabens, triclosan, talc, propylene glycol, and other chemicals can cause skin allergic reactions. There are chemical-free deodorants that contain organic or herbal extracts, which are safer. While choosing a chemical-free deodorant, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer regarding the ingredients to confirm that they are safe for your skin.
Baking soda as a deodorant is a well-known fact. It is an inexpensive and safe way of removing body odor. Baking soda as deodorant helps to regulate pH of the skin. You can pat baking soda onto your underarms to neutralize the body odor. You can try making a non-toxic, inexpensive baking soda deodorant by yourself by mixing baking soda and fragrance in distilled water. Besides, you can make your own formula and store the baking soda deodorant in a spray bottle for use. Also you can just wet the armpit and apply the deodorant baking soda which yields the same result to remove body odor.
Since the chemical ingredients in deodorants are harmful for skin, the natural underarm deodorant is the best option that is inexpensive and has no side effects. To overcome this, you can look for a deodorant with aluminum free formula that is safe for your skin. The aluminum-based antiperspirants and deodorants interfere with women’s hormonal level and cause health problems and so, they should be avoided. Instead, the women’s natural antiperspirant containing ingredients such as shea butter, baking soda, and other organic ingredients should be used.