Esteban Elvin

Periodontal disease can be dangerous and it can result in the loss of your teeth. Not only does the disease make your mouth hurt and give you bad breath, it also contributes to diabetes and heart disease. If your dentist tells you have gum disease, you need periodontal disease treatment all on four tennessee right away.

Gum disease is common and millions of adults in the United States have it. It attacks the soft tissue of your gums and the bones that support your teeth. Your teeth become loose and eventually they fall out. Gum disease starts with plaque which is a sticky bacteria layer that clings to the teeth. If you don't remove the plaque by brushing and flossing, it hardens and turns to tartar which you can't remove by yourself.

The tartar harbors bacteria that start to destroy your gum tissue. They inflame your gums and they will start to bleed when you brush them. As the disease progresses, the bone begins to break down and the teeth become loose and fall out. There are many different treatments that are effective for periodontal disease. Your dentist may do a deep cleaning and root planing which cleans the teeth below the gum line.

In severe cases, gum surgery may be needed. This can be painful and requires your gums to be opened and stitched back up. Laser treatments can be a less painful option because no incisions are made. Instead, a laser is used to kill bacteria, remove plaque and help your gums adhere to teeth again.

The best thing is to take good care of your teeth and avoid periodontal disease treatment Tennessee altogether. Gum disease can be painful and you want to avoid it when you can. Brushing and flossing twice a day can help stop gum disease before it gets started.