Alloy Processing

Since 1988, Alloy Processing has provided the Southern California aerospace engineering industry with high quality metal cleaning, inspection, and finishing services. Alloy maintains a state-of-the-art facility in Compton, California, where it employs over 130 engineers, technicians and support staff members. Alloy Processing maintains full Catia and Enovia capabilities, and its engineering staff oversees complex masking, part labeling, and other high-precision projects as well as more standard metal finishing contracts. The firm also owns and operates some of the nation's largest processing tanks, which allow it to take on contracts from prominent manufacturers such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Alloy Processing offers a complete range of anodizing options. In addition to industry standard chromic acid anodizing, the firm also practices sulfuric acid anodizing, boric/sulfuric acid anodizing, and aluminum chromate conversion coating. All processes use chemistry specifically tailored to each customer's specifications. In addition, the company uses efficient processes in order to minimize downtime for clients.

Among its finishing options, Alloy Processing offers specialty materials such as solid film lubricants. These paint-like coverings consist of a lubricating pigment and a binder that combine to produce a water-repellent film. Solid film lubricants reduce friction between parts in order to prevent wear and corrosion.

Alloy Processing maintains membership in the National Aerospace and Contractors Accreditation Program and the Metal Finishing Association of Southern California. Additionally, the firm supports local charities such as the Pathways to Independence Program, the Newcomb Academy Foundation, and Mentoring A Touch From Above. The company has also sponsored Los Alamitos Baseball Pony League teams.