All Saints Church Hulftsdorp

The consecration of All Saints church was held on November 01, 1865 on All Saints Day. This was more a family church during colonial reign. Two famous families of the time Obeyesekeres and Bandaranaikes were the trustees of the church. Later in 1998, it was brought under the ordinance of Churches Ceylon.

In keeping with the Gothic architectural style, All Saints' Church is absolutely a work of art. This church features some of the main characteristics of the Gothic style such as pointed arches, and the ribbed vault. Prior to the 20th century, Gothic churches generally were the landmark of towns in Europe.

The large stained glass window behind the alter depicts the nativity story of the Lord. In addition to that, there is another stained glass window towards the left hand side of the church. All the furniture is decorated with magnificent woodcarvings. Hanging fans with attached lampshades reminded me of flowers hanging from a roof.

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