Allstate Shipping Supplies

Based in Van Nuys, California, Allstate Shipping Supplies functions as the largest self-sustaining distributor of packaging tapes in the United States. Today, the company has expanded to encompass a wide variety of warehouse products like forklifts, conveyer systems, industrial shelving, and bar coding systems, in addition to its original line of packaging supplies such as boxes, stretch wrap, and adhesives. Allstate Shipping Supplies, which features a 24-hour call center for its customers, maintains warehouses in all 50 states to ensure timely shipping at a low cost for every client. Serving more than 165 clients currently, Allstate Shipping Supplies delivers to customers like California Closet Company, Inc., Esso, High Sierra Sport Company, Watts, Worldwide Digital (USA), Inc., and With top-notch customer service and satisfaction its highest priority, Allstate Shipping Supplies maintains a research and development team explicitly designed to implement new methods of improving customer care while lowering costs. The team?s most recent implementation was the installation of an energy-saving lighting systems in all warehouses that utilizes the principles of the Doppler Effect to conserve energy when the space is inactive. President of Allstate Shipping Supplies, David Bell has served in his role since 2006, bringing more than 40 years of first-rate sales experience to the company. A 1962 graduate of the State University of New York at Farmington, Mr. Bell?s leading role at Allstate Shipping Supplies requires him to direct all company sales and administrative departments.