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For more thantwo decades, Darlene and Terry Keenan of Candy Concepts, Inc. have provided awide range of retailers with one of the largest selections of the most popularfun-sized candies, novelty toys, and merchandise display tools in the industry.

Initiallyfocusing on candy and the video store market, Candy Concepts, Inc. servicessoon spanned from coast to coast with the company taking on such clients asBlockbuster Video, Bradley Video, and Movie Stars Video.

Eventually,serving the video venues led to a broader focus in point-of-purchase impulsesales as well as merchandise display containers and fixtures appropriate for avariety of retail locations, and, over the years, nearly every kind of business– from convenience stores, grocery stores, and restaurants to specialty shops,amusement parks, and hotels – has come to rely on Candy Concepts, Inc. as it’sone-stop shop for not only for candy, but also for display fixtures such as:

· An assortment of display racks designed forcountertop and floor displays, including traditional convenience store racks,wire display racks, pegboard racks, slat wall shelves, and wooden racks.

· Store Equipment From Cash Wraps to Registers andScales

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All Store Displays

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