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Welcome Recovery Friends and Readers to my About Me Page!

I am the best selling TKG Publishing Author of "Addicted To Dimes" (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat),

I enjoy being a New Columnist for In Recovery Magazine's 'The Author's Cafe' and recovery blogger, writer, advocate and a published author. It has been one of my 'life dreams,' but became sidelined by a cunning, powerful addicted gambling addiction.

Within my addiction, it also brought out severe symptoms of undiagnosed bipolar depression, OCD, PTSD and Agoraphobia with panic. disorder. I'd gone undiagnosed since I was little girl. However, I don't let my mental disabilities get in the way of life & my recovery journey.

In 2011 I had a burning desire to write all about what gambling addiction had taken from me on paper. And somehow along the way became published by 'De-vine Intervention.' It is a memoir of my life story about addiction, recovery, mental illness, dark family secrets. and about the childhood trauma and abuse I endured as a little girl. I continue writing my "Recovery Journey & Share my Passion of Writing" on two blogs,

It is to help support others, and to share HOPE to those who have experienced these same issues that touched my life. My life mission now is to help others in their recovery from addicted gambling and those living with mental illness.

So, I blog, write & advocate as to "Raise Awareness, Inform, Educate, and Share my Message to others."

There is NO SHAME in having any of these issues, as it's time to shatter the Stigma! Especially those of us who live life in recovery. I have been blessed with many platforms to share my recovery journey. Been featured on many Blog Talk and Internet Radio Shows, and included in media article by Columbia UNV.

You can drop by and support my next 2 books coming in late 2016 here: ..

God Bless & Thanks to my friends & supporters!
Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Recovery Author

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