Aki (✿◠‿◠ )

So, hi, my name is Sol and I'm from Argentina. I'm really bad when it comes to write about myself, but I'll try my best.

I really like music, it's something really important for me. It has helped me in so many ways. My dream is to be in a badass punk rock band and I wanna have sexy tattoos and I wanna have dyed hair and wear loads of eyeliner and cool clothing with loads of studs and bags and I wanna play pretty guitars and have a too close relationship with my other guitarist or the singer or someone and I wanna write cool songs and be important to people and fucking matter goddammit.

Oh, and sometimes I like to draw.

But, listening to music it's not the only thing I do the whole day. Well, sometimes yes, but it doesn't matter. I like to read. anything, books, comics, mangas, if it has words, I'll read it. Most of the time I judge the books by their covers, not metaphorically speaking.

I like spending my time alone. And, I always want to do productive things, like riding my bike, or swimming more, or just anything, but I just spend too much time on the computer. What do I do to spend so much time? I like to play video games, reading about unsolved mysteries and watching anime.

I'm really shy, and I find it really hard to get to know new people. That's until you know get to know me, after that, I won't stop talking. A lot of people say that I'm funny, and others say that I'm really weird.

Europe, Great Brittain specially, it's my favourite place on the world. I went there for a month and I just loved it. I wish I could live there when I grow older. I love japanese culture. Spanish is my mother language, but I also speak english and german.

Fuck I think this is already long so I'll have to hurry up.

Concerts, for me, are the best thing in the world. They just give you the best feelings ever, and they are the only place where I'm actually happy.

I have so many things to say but this biography is the most boring thing I have ever written I think, so I'm really sorry, I'll just stop here.

koujaku and makoto tachibana ruined my life