T. L.

Student, Artist, and Photographer in Metro Manila, Philippines

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Hello, you can call me Tan, but it's not my real name and I am your future lawyer. I am a fan of photography, design, music, fashion, beauty and food. I’m also interested in politics and writing. You can read my blog with a click on the button above. I have a lot of blogs but the one linked in is my photography portfolio. I also make a bit of graphic design, but not really because I focus on Photography and Writing. I suck at Math and Science. And I'm a sucker for Indian films. I love bubble tea, brewed tea, Taco Bell and Subway. Also a lowkey coffee lover because of my hyperacidity. I hate sweets.

I'm a very ambitious person and gives my all in whatever I do. I put my goals first before anything else.

I am taking a major in Communication Arts so I can do some photography, video editing, modeling, designing and writing. Being politically inclined was a choice. I can't say I am an extremely feminist but I am an activist. Aside from the Bachelor's Degree, I'm also planning to pursue Law. I am also an English online tutor sometimes when I have time, but not officially because I don't have a proper headphones. Tragic.

Learnt a bit of Korean via various online sites and Mandarin through online classes but trial only. No time already so all the knowledge went to waste LMFAO

I love Jollibee to death