Sponge the Squid

The Pacific Ocean

I am a freaking squid. Need I say more? Fine fine... I'll tell you 'bout life here in da ocean. It sucks apples but it is still pretty dank. Yes I am a squid but I am also.... a mutant squid thingy. I was made in some sort of lab where a kraken, tanooki, and squid where mixed together into one. This made me. Later, someone started bringing some ming hate on us and derp, so I escaped from the labratory. I found the hater, who's name is Adam. I became my kraken form and started attacking him. His army was strong, but I could defeat them all instantly. I wiped out all of the Squid Haters and made my Squid Army. It actually went pretty well there. I mean, it sucked apples but it was still pretty dank. I ate an enchillada and later went to dinosaur. When I was in dinosaur, I forgot the derp sauce and accidently made what we now call "Bokoblins." This fat red creature has been created by moi. I decided to make him stronger, so I killed him. I took his skull, and bought this so-called "time orb" which whatever is close to it, will look young. I threw it to the Bokoblin, as it later became A FREAKING ROBOT!! dundundundundund... MING BOKOBLIN!!!! I forgot to mention the god. Minginoutionardor Derpanagadudas, or as he goes by a short name, Ming. He is the god of the squids and powers us all. He is obviously immortal, and is well known for his Minginoutionador's Spammadannahalafua, or Ming's Spam. It is a lightning shaped bolt that has to be strongly thrown into someone's head. For it does not do any brain damage or injure any part of the body, what it does do is clear everything in your brain, and replace it with "Thou hast been struck by Minginoutiondor's Spammadannahalafua." Yes, I know it sounds strange, but let me tell you a little somethin' somethin'. That made our first language. Squiddish. It is basicly just weird English. For example: Hi my name is Bob, I live across the street, becomes: Zakkah, Mais Twato en Bob, Elgh Okan drooca da drolacanus. When you think about it, it's referencing the most random things on Earth.

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