Ally Pisher

Writer, Public Speaker, and Life Coach in Tempe, Arizona

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Hey! Do you want to #AmplifyYourAwesome?! Do you have a desire to expand your #PowerofPerception?

I am an Internal Vibratory Resonance (IVR) Amplifier who invites you to leave the boundaries of your mind and acknowledge the expansive nature of infinite potential that resides within each one of us, realizing the unique truth of who you are at your core. I believe that there is a universe inside each of us and it is here where we can connect on the deepest of levels and create the change we DESIRE. When we bring awareness to the power we possess to define our experience, we are then empowered to CHOOSE how we feel on a moment-to-moment, day-to-day basis. I illustrate one way in which to experience the world through my unique, individualized expression of self.

Consciously choosing my personalized lifestyle for over 8 years, I have collaborated with my partner to create our business Chosen Ally, LLC. I have completed training in the power of perception, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga, guided imagery, life coaching, nutrition, and intuitive studies through the award-winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, located in Tempe, AZ. I also brings forth my expertise in emotional intelligence, sports performance, emotional freedom technique, behavioral health, and energy work.

My ambitious passion to empower others is fueled by my commitment to master my own IVR. Today, I am dedicated to empowering individuals through forums of conscious connection and self-empowerment sessions, bringing mindfulness and awareness to your infinite capacity to live a joyful, prosperous, heart-centered life. I do this by skillfully providing supportive tools and techniques to amplify confidence and intuition in order to experience your most abundant potential.

I believe we are already whole, complete and perfect and this awareness is broadened by unlocking the wisdom we hold inside, providing ample opportunity for us to continue to rediscover, experience and express more of this truth.

In Gratitude,

Ally Pisher

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    • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts