Ally Bueno

Student in Orange, California

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Greetings, I’m Ally. I’m a student living in Orange, California. I have a strong love for science and learning and I am on my way to becoming a middle school science teacher. I am hoping to join that community to start learning and interacting with my peers. I want to do my best to make science fun and see the spark of creativity in my student's eyes.

I love working with students and believe trust and communication should be used to highlight student responsibilities. My goal is to be a digital educator who used web 2.0 tools to engage my students and change the way we teach. I have a strong interest in PBL style and look forward to using those interactive skills in my teachings.

I would love to use tools such as google classroom to have an online presence and communicate with my students with social media such as Twitter. I would like to organize my classroom as an open environment that is sectioned off for the individual, group work, and student-teacher conference space. I would like to start each school year handing out a survey to my students to address their comments and concerns about how they best learn. I want to create a blended learning environment where I not only utilize technology in the classroom but create interactive activities using web-based tools. Using programs such as Google to create hyperdocs, shareable slides, and google hangouts for video streaming will allow me to engage students during class and give them the resources to learn at their own pace.

I want to make sure that my classroom is individualizing education and optimizing the pace of learning. I can be contacted at and you can read my blog with a click on the button above.