Ally Juarez

California, Usa

Hi. I'm Ally. I enjoy talking, riding my bike, dressing weird, being random, and just plain being me. I have a chatlands account and I don't have many friends after three years, because I only stuck with my group. It seems like we've split up. There is only myself, Haylee, and every now and then Shealyn. I love them very much and Haylee is in some way my girlfriend. I love her and I just hope she loves me back as much. I live in California, USA. I have a little brother who is five going on six on June 27. He is amazing and I couldn't ask for a better brother. I did want a sister, but I understand now that if I had a sister she wouldn't be into gorey stuff like me and my brother. My mother is 30 years old which tells you I am very young. I am quite the troublemaker, but I am also very mature. If you have a rude comment please keep it to yourself. I am already self conscious about my myself. Who isn't? Vocaloid means the world to me and my favorites are Len, Rin, Oliver, and maybe Kaito. Writing is my life and it means the world to me. I roleplay as Oliver, my characters, and sometimes an anthro. I love coloring too. Linearts to color are the best! I also love anime. Bands are amazing too. Ptv, Sws, Bmth, SS, GS, GT, and more are my life. If you see me around Wolfhome or any chatland don't be afraid to say hello. I may be dead though, so don't be sad if I don't answer! Alrighty, bye.❤