Ally Kennedy

Nurse, Photographer, and Mother in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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I'm Ally, I'm 16 & from a small town called Portmarnock in Dublin, Ireland.

My main goal is life is to be a professional makeup artist. I love makeup because you can change your look to anything you want, anyday you want! It can be dramatic, subtle, elegant, trashy, fun, weird, vintage...anything! I love experimenting and I'm endlessly buying more and more products to test out. It would just be a dream life to be doing my dream career and be happy too.

Things about me?

I'm vain.

I love to laugh.

I love getting ready to go out, Bohemian hairstyles, warm blankets, summer seasons, make-up and fruit smoothies.

I'm very sociable ..when I have to be.

I love independence.

I love my boyfriend and my friends more than anything, I would do anything for them!

I strongly dislike Nicholas Cage, Animal abusers and spiders.

One thing I couldn't live without is my best friend Lorna, she's amazing, she's so unique in everyway, I LOVE HER. (Lorna wrote that, but it's true)

My boyfriend is Matt, He's hilarious, caring, amazing looking, protective, awesome, one of my best friends and I just love being around him, I love him more than anything :)