Alysha Valdez

Aloha:D My name is Alysha but i'm fine with whatever you call me. I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii. Yes I dance hula and tahitian because i'm local like that :) People's first impression of me is "that weird kid" but it's the good kind of weird. I love photography that's why i'm in SP (Searider Photography), I do news writing but i'm more of a film person. People say that my style is emo/gothic/girly. Most people love the way I dress to school. I am most definitely random at times. I love making new friends. My favorite color is purple, blue, white, and black (if you told me to chose one out of those four I would just pick anyone because they are awesome like that). I can be chill at times but during the other times i'm loud but not obnoxious. If I was to describe myself in one word, I'd have to say indescribable because with me you don't know what is going to happen next >:D My favorite bands are 'Falling in Reverse' and 'Escape the Fate' (again if you asked me to choose I can't because they are both awesome). My favorite song would have to be "The drug in me is you" by Falling in Reverse. This year i'm a junior in high school. This isn't even half of the things about me but if you do wan't to know more I have a yahoo: or a twitter: cookies4ally (either one I don't mind) oh but I like pictuu & instagram: allyloveseatingcuppycakes so yeah follow if you have one and don't be shame to ask questions.