Allynn (Anne-Lise) Rousseau

Allynn (Anne-Lise) Rousseau

It is shameful! I'm not in Wikipedia, so I have no cheat sheet to talk about my life, my work and my talents.

Well basically, I'm just another blogger, French, I'm 15 years old, three cats, English blood, a tutu, and a severe addiction to fashion in all its forms.

I am a part time blogger. I draw too. Sometimes I put some of my drawings on my tumblr blog.

I plan to become esthetician- beautician or tattoo artist & part time personal shopper, but later, when I have enough courage to stand up.

Drawing: I do a lot of sketches. I make sometimes sketches on request - Free -, of course.
Wordpress: The good places on the web, new looks etc. .. . then find it on my blog. I also research articles in particular for those who want it.
Sometimes I also post articles relative to beauty, problems of couples, love and stuff like that.

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Enjoy! ♥