All You Can Eat Yoga

CURRENT:...we would like to say congrats to all the participants who came out on the slightly nippy Canada Day, July 1 , 2011! A great time was had by all! Remember the only thing that never goes out of style, is a smile!

PAST EVENT:...accepting registration from former and new clients to participate in this years' FREE outdoor movement! We want you to be part of this second annual event in Edmonton! Be part of the goal and participate with our host Tamra at the LARGEST Canadian OUTDOOR YOGA CLASS on Canada Day at NOON at Hawrelak Park in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on July 1, 2011, near WOMAN and INFANT statue!

HISTORY: Teaching, training and coaching busy people to realize the personal and professional benefits of taking care of their Self! Our Yoga/Meditation Master educates individuals: in community and in businesses! Engaging management and employees, re-uniting couples, and influencing teachers to maximize a positive time-out opportunity in the classroom, is what we do best! Health and Wellness programming solutions is our passion! Clients declare our trademarked formula known as the R.E.D. Principle (tm) revitalizes their motivation to be well!
Our talents of 24 years experience in health and wellness across Canada & USA, motivates peoples' lives to live well and therefore be well. Client testimonials express enhanced skills, knowledge and abilities at work and at home develop. We offer purposeful, effective and creative programming fulfilling clients' needs through team-building practices, one-on-one consultations and group training INCREASING productivity.

Our founder -Tamra has been recognized for her entrepreneurial skills by a Canadian organization (YWCA) honouring Women of Distinction on June 3, 2010 !