Allysa Joyce

Hello loves, the name's Allysa but feel free to call me Lysa, Lys, Ally or anything that floats your boat. I reside in Los Angeles, CA but my real home is Disneyland since I was born and bred with Disney (tehe). You can pretty much win my friendship [and maybe heart!] with conversations about dirty humour, R&B music, the Hip Hop dance community, Disney, the Lakers, Fifty Shades of Grey (LOL I KNOW), The Hunger Games... or pretty much anything actually, as long as the conversation is kept fun and interesting! Bonus points: if we go out to Starbucks and you like the same drink as me, an iced green tea soy latte or Thai Iced Tea boba if green tea isn't, well, your cup of tea tehe. Personally, I believe that everyone should have a sense of humour and a drive to be happy. But you know, I could be wrong; I am only just a 20 year old girl taking on this big crazy bowl of we call life. Feel free to start up a conversation with me sometime :]