Allyson Brown

Director and Public Speaker in Geelong VIC, Australia

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Allyson Brown is a co-founder and Director at everheal pty ltd.

She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 and has experienced a multitude of debilitating symptoms - the most prevalent being chronic fatigue and severe brain fog, which resulted in her ceasing employment in 2018.

The future looked grim and she doubted that her broken body and malfunctioning brain would ever recover. Until she discovered the healing properties of food!

Then everheal was born - a holistic food supply company, specialising in anti-inflammatory foods to help sufferers of autoimmune disease to overcome chronic fatigue and brain fog, in order to restore their lives to the fullest potential.

When she's not travelling around Australia sharing her message as a public speaker, she enjoys a good movie or exploring the world with her husband.

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