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The hardest thing anyone can do is write about themselves. To me, I am the most boring subject there is. 7 billion people live on this earth; I am just another one of them. But 7 billion people equals 7 billion religions. And this is mine.

I grew up in a big city with a small town mentality, located in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It has become a major tourist attraction during the summertime with its sprawling wineries, breathaking mountains, and the (maybe) fictional monster that lives in the central lake. Though the community is unfortunately conservative and largely consists of the baby-boomer generation, my hometown has a lot of heart and a good grip on the arts. In fact, part of the reason why I still call it my home is because of a small community theatre that, for about eight years of my life, I called my home away from home.

Because I started theatre at such a young age, I do believe it was my doorway to all the things I find passion in now. I took voice and piano lessons to increase my musical skill, which evolved into the addiction I have for music now. I started in kids' classes and camps at the theatre and then made my way onto the mainstage in a production of "The King and I" when I was 12. This was the first of a handful of mainstage shows I was lucky enough to be cast in. Though I never had any major roles, I enjoyed the thrill of being onstage, the fantastical costumes and the dazzling lights.

Having never found a place in the spotlight onstage (many tears were shed nearly every year when casting was announced), I found a place behind the scenes: doing backstage crew and operating lights. This, I think, is what pushed me in the direction of film, as I seemed to thrive more behind the audience.

Still, I had a pretty easy life. I have an amazing and supportive family. I went to a decent high school. I have discovered many talents within myself over the years. It wasn't until a couple years ago that life started getting a little tougher.

Almost two years ago exactly, a friend of mine from the theatre passed away very suddenly. He was 20. I was about to move to a bigger city for school, and was still dealing with the loss when that time came. Alone in a new place, and overwhelmed with my new life and undealt-with grief, I turned to writing as my outlet. I published my first blog, which was a very uncensored recounting of my relationship with my deceased friend and the circums

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