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Allyson Darling

San Francisco

Allyson is a writer of awkward moments in her blog, Awkward Ally, while currently exploring the trials and tribulations of a profession in higher education.

After graduating with a B.A. in Human Development and English she traveled to Thailand to teach English. Since her return she has pursued a career as an Admissions Representative at a private art University.

Before she was awkward and changing the lives of shy art students, Allyson was working in marketing and sales on an Organic Farm and at WonderDads Publishing Company.

She is a new owner of bangs and running shoes, both of which she is trying to manage in the San Francisco fog. There are few things more lovely to her than traveling, a good cup of tea, and meeting new people.

  • Work
    • Academy of Art University
  • Education
    • Sonoma State University