Allyson Ellerbe

Student in Charlotte, North Carolina

My name is Allyson Marie Ellerbe. I am a follower of Jesus Christ everything I am is because of Him. I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, I am the eldest of four. I attend North Carolina Central University where I am a senior majoring in mass communication, with a concentration in broadcast. After I graduate I plan to move to Atlanta and go to law school for entertainment law. While in Atlanta I will be shadowing my uncle and his daughter at his law firm. I am the first to graduate high school and go to college out of my grandmothers grandchildren on my moms side. I am not the eldest out of the grandchildren. All I want out of my life is to become successful, impact many lives, create and build a loving home for my future family, but most importantly I want my life to be a light for Christ, I want people to see that Christ lives through me. What I hope to gain from this class is, a better understanding of speaking, and I also want to get over my fear of speaking professionally in front of people. I don't want to appear confident in my words, I want to actually be confident.