Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Medicine student at AlFaisal University,

living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

i am a Gemini.

I love Tim Burton.

I'm a Potterhead.

i Breath Music and Coffee.

Reading saved my Mind.

Huge fan of anime.

I sometimes go by the name Bob.

Favorite Anime: Death Note, The Blue Exorcite, The Black Butler, Attack On Titans, Fullmetal Alchamist.

Favorite movies: Harry Potter films, Zombieland, the Rocky horro picture show, scarface, The Breakfast Club, The Nightmare Before Chirstmas.

Favorite shows: Ghost Adventures, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Chopped, spongebob squarepants. Adventure Time, Community.

Favorite videogames: Bioshock, The legend of zelda, mario karts, crash bandicot, Cooking Mama, Call of duty.

Favorite Music: Check my page :)

Playstaion Network Username: Voodoodoll007

Kik: Allystien

Google me: Allystien.

  • Education
    • Alfaisal University