Ally Straussner


I am a 20 something year old who has a passion for making things known and relevent to society. I like grabbing peoples attention, expanding their thoughts and ideas, and taking charge of how people look at a specific concept, brand or organization. The most important observation I have come to realize in today's society is that we have a specific target audience that, in essence, has no attention span. So, how do we digitally utilize all social media platforms to make people pay attention to advertisements and marketing strategies? That's where I come in. With self-proclaimed advanced skills in marketing of my own self named brands ( and @SororityTweets), I believe my mindset can engage an audience and compel them to listen to whatever product your company has to offer. I am currenty a junior at the University of Missouri and I am studying at the world renowned journalism school where some of the best reporters, advertising agents, news reporters and writers have been molded for success.

  • Work
    • Vera Bradley
  • Education
    • University of Missouri