Ally Tate

Volunteer in Tennessee

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Ally Tate resides in Tennessee where she maintains interests in education, research, volunteering, and supporting various causes.

Since she was a kid, Ally Tate has always enjoyed helping others and being involved in community activities. During college she had the opportunity to learn a lot about the global water crisis and the extreme lack of clean water and sanitation in numerous developing countries worldwide. Upon learning about this major issue and discovering the overwhelming amount of deaths caused by lack of clean water, Ally Tate has gone on to offer her support in any way she can.

To help solve this global crisis, Ally Tate has helped support and raise awareness for numerous water charities and organizations. These non profit organizations include,, Blood:Water, The Thirst Project and many more.

Each of these organizations has made great contributions to helping individuals, families, women, and children, and entire communities find access to clean water and sanitation.

Along with her support for these wonderful causes, Ally Tate has also spent a great deal of time promoting and raising awareness for water conservation. She has found that many Americans do not realize how much water they are wasting each day and each year whether through taking long showers, having leaky faucets, watering their lawn, or other simply daily tasks we rarely think about. Once Ally Tate has informed these individuals on how they can conserve water and make a difference, she has found that most people are eager and willing to help. Ally Tate hopes to develop these efforts into a career paththat will bring her the great reward of doing well for others.

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