Alma Manera

Artist in Roma, Italia

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She was born in Rome, but almost immediately move in United States with her parents. Art's daughter, her Father was Gianni MANERA and her Mother is Maria Pia LIOTTA. Move the first steps young to less than three years, between stages and Cinematographic Set. Her training path begins in the Theater district at Broadway, New York; on her return in Italy, she lived by grandparents in Calabria. She's an Eclectic Performer, Sing, Dance and Recitation, have a particular Entry, Ductile, which allows her to be expressed in Musical Genres with a Different Vocal Registers. . She was defined by critical: "VOICE OF RUBBER" and "QUEEN OF LYRIC POP".

I'm Alma Manera, an Italian performer.
I started my musical studies at the Conservatory of the arts and music and I have refined these at the Pucciniana academy. I studied TIP TAP, ACROBATIC And MIMO, achieving the diploma of classical ballet, so... in my shows different artistic disciplines live together in armony. Today I use my voice in several genres by adopting different vowels registries and keeping personality and recognizability. I have various theatre performances in Italy and abroad for which I am, in many cases, also author. I've worked in various soundtracks for TV, I starred in soap operas and participated in many Italian television programmes. But... I don't forget who wasn't lucky as me ... and I try always time to raise people to active volunteerism. I am spokesperson and godmother of various associations for solidarity.

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