Alma Lara

My name is Alma Maria Lara Torres but all my friends just tell me Alma!. Well, i consider me a person very happy and friendly, i like to meet others persons, i like to listen music and to dance with my husband ji, i love to kiss and to hug my baby. I love my friends and my family but the most important for me is my baby and my husband. I would like to talk about my baby, her name is Alma Ximena Rodea Lara, she is a pretty girl and she is 4 months old, oowww i love her with all my heart. I consider that to be mom is the most beautiful experience that a women can live.
And my husband, her name is Rafael, he's the man that steals all my sighs, i love him so much! and I enjoy all the moments with them!

My goals!
I would like to finish my career International Bussiness and can to give the most part of me to my family!