Ahmed Al-Mahdi

I was born in Yemen on 01,01,1991, raised in a small city called Dhamar,100 km south of Sana'a. I went to school there until I finished high school. Then I moved to Sana'a where I learnt English, and where I met my best friends. Where I changed my perspectives of life and started to see the big and real picture of the world. During the two years I spent in Sana'a , I participated in a number of community activities and associations . With my freinds , we founded a commuinty association called Tomorrow Makers. After a while we founded another associations for Yemeni youth called Today's Youth for Change .I have been always unsatisfied about the situation in Yemen. I always believed that the power of youth is going to make a positive change to the whole nation and luckily, my belief came true and youth stared shouting out for their rights and people's rights. I always dreamed of making a change to my country. Therefor, I joined the revolution in Yemen by the firs time its sun shined. After seven months of participating in demonstrations against the Ahmar Family's regime . I moved to Canada to continue my education. Moving to Canada was another eye-opener experience to me which enabled me to interact with people from diffident cultures , different beliefs and different places around the world. Until the time of writing this I am still living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where I am studying the first your of Engineering in the university of Calgary and planning to go back to my home-country once finished. Written on December fifth, 2011.