Alma Horn

Camps Bay, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Alma Horn is a South African artist, born 1964 in Namibia. Since childhood she was drawn to express her creativity. While working as a clothing designer she acquired knowledge of figure drawing, colour and textures. In 1996 she completed her training as a graphic designer and has been active in this career ever since. This interaction with the advertising world has brought exposed her to a number of artistic and professional disciplines, focused on visual communication and presentation of ideas and messages. During her career she developed a unique understanding and perception of organized text and pure design elements such as shapes and color to unify a piece. Conceptual and composition work are of the most important features of her work, which she expressed through image design, layout and illustration. Alma’s interesting figural compositions catch the eye by being bold and realistic while capturing the essence of the subject’s character with sensitivity. She experiments with different art styles, from hyper-realistic city views, ethnic-romantic celebration and more. Usage of art form and choice of motives are varying but primary attention remains focused on people.
+27 83 628 9105