Alma Clegg

Project Manager, Consultant, and Director in Hannibal, Missouri

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Greetings! My name is Alma and I am office manager at a job placement service in Columbia Missouri. For those that don’t understand, simply stated I work for a “temp” agency. Kelley Services is one of the largest employment agencies in the Missouri. Typically, I am responsible for the coordination of overseeing 13 staff members to make sure they do their jobs the way they are supposed to do. We work with all kinds of businesses and all kinds of people. On a daily basis I am making checklists, calling clients, taking charge of all my employees, and general ensuring every little thing is running smooth.

I am originally from Hannibal, Missouri, of course a city that everyone has heard of because of Mark Twain. Hannibal is a pretty small town and early in life I decided that I did not want to stay there my entire life so when I had the opportunity to attend Mizzou in Columbia, I jumped at it. I majored in business and had a minor in marketing. I was able to get some experience by doing several internships and also by working at the school part time in the administration department. So I think you could easily say that business is in my blood. LOL

When I was a kid I constantly knew that I would grow up to do something in the area of business as my family ran a small business locally. I saw the long hours that my parents worked and saw the benefits and pitfalls of owning your own business. While running my office is still my enthusiasm and primary focus, I really became a HUGE fan of the University Of Missouri sports, especially basketball, and am a strong supporter of the school and sports programs.