Alberto Marcos Antolín

Madrid Spain

I'll introduce myself: My name is Alberto, I'm 19 years old and a "Telecommunications Engineer" student at UPM. I live in Madrid, an amazing city which I love and really offers you a thousand opportunities. I'm really interested in enterpreneurship, and I'm continously trying to help anywhere (now, at IronHack)

My other hobbies are politics, gadgets and the internet. In addition, I LOVE music, any kind, and I manage my free time to play the electric organ and to learn about music history, specially about the opera. In conclusion, technology is my passion, and I wish someday I can spend my time in something related to this world. If you need any help, get in contact with me.

  • Work
    • RITSI Challenge Coordinator at Ironhack
  • Education
    • Telecommunications Engineer
    • Technical University of Madrid
    • IES Jorge Manrique
    • Colegio "La Salle" Palencia