Almased Reviews

This product, formally known as 'The Almased Synergy Diet Program', is a supplement- based fasting diet program created and marketed by AlmasedUSA Inc. The program has you drinking their specialized and all-natural mixture and claims that their product helps you lose more tan 15 pounds in less than two months. The drink itself is a mixture of skim milk yogurt powder, fermented soy and honey enzymes. The company states on their website and in adds that these ingredients eliminate hunger and promote additional weight reduction.

Sounds too good to bring true, right? All too simple....well- that's because it is! This product is, at best, MINIMALLY effective, and SUPER expensive; not exactly the best option, either for your wallet or your weight-loss goals. Let's find out why!

I always get suspicious when a diet supplementary product hits the market trumpeting a new-found ingredient (or combination of ingredients) that reduce hunger and promotes weight-loss...without clinical evidence. Call me old-fashioned, but if the product is so effective and the people selling it want so much money, why not just show us the proof in the pudding from your studies.....oh, you don't have any evidence to show us? Oh-oh....

But let's give Almased the benefit of the doubt, since in theory, it does seem like you should be able to lose weight with this method. However, they're big claim to fame- losing up to 15 pounds in six weeks, is the oldest sham in the book! If you stop eating a normal diet (which happens when you start drink-fasting), then your body NATURALLY loses lots of pounds in the first six weeks...because your body is retaining less water! That's right- those lost pounds won't be fat, but rather water.

And to top it off, they are simply asking for waaay too much money for this product (without offering concrete evidence that it's effective). For the amount you would have to pay for the product, you could EASILY afford to buy healthy food at the grocery store and lose weight on a healthy diet rather than then placebo.

We strongly recommend you to check out instead. It's an app that will find the perfect weight loss pill for you based on your age/gender/weight, metabolism type, eating habits and activities.