Alma Tuck

Entrepreneur and software developer Alma Tuck demonstrates great skill in software engineering as well as Web design and development. Possessing an educational background in business, Mr. Tuck has co-founded several ventures of his own. In 1999, he helped found CaptureQuest, a firm that provided online marketing and advertising, and operated in product development. Alma Tuck co-wrote the company’s patented method for delivering the advertisements.

In 2001, Mr. Tuck established Creative Internet Concepts, where he and his team designed and developed e-commerce hosting platforms. As the founder, Mr. Tuck oversaw product direction and the development team. He also managed customer service, marketing, sales, accounting, and the other administrative departments. In 2007, Alma Tuck again demonstrated his entrepreneurial ambitions when he founded City Site Builders, a brokerage firm for website designs.

In the years between leaving Creative Internet Concepts and establishing City Site Builders, Alma Tuck also worked with numerous other companies as a software developer, often assisting with Internet solutions and marketing. Self-employed from 2006 to 2007 as a consultant, Mr. Tuck offered his services to variety of businesses. He served as Acting Director of Business Operations for XPI, Inc., and managed the redesign and integration of the company’s accounting, shipping, web, and call center technology systems. Alma Tuck later joined as a Senior Developer and helped design and create Overstock’s Omuse writing project. After completing his work with, Mr. Tuck accepted a position as a Senior Developer in a contract capacity with Given a two-month deadline, he completed a full website redesign with optimal user experience that led to a drastic increase in sales for