Health Care Professional in Montreal, Québec, Canada


Health Care Professional in Montreal, Québec, Canada

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She is a youthful and exuberant individual, who is much of a-little-bit-of-everything, combined. An achiever who thrives at any challenge and unconsciously making it to the top on what she does best, academically. She is competent and has a long list of academic achievements to prove it --- a Straight A and consistent Honor student from elementary till secondary years, a President's Lister and Dean's Lister in the College of Nursing in her University and an Honor Roll Awardee at an International Integration Program for Nurses in Montreal, Quebec.

She graduated Master's degree in Nursing with Thesis Writing and is a Professional Registered Nurse in the Philippines and in the US, and a licensed LPN in Canada. She also has experience in business, as she had helped managed her parents’ family business in the Philippines while in college and before writing her nursing board exams, thereafter, when she moved to the US, she focused on pursuing her nursing career and profession.

Ever since her elementary and secondary years, she already had that love and passion for writing. However, she did not have much of that talent, thus, being a contributor of an article of their school paper, once in awhile, is a bonus to her. She doesn't have the knack into it but when she writes, she puts her heart into it. And, with much practice, she has become better, not to mention, writing her thesis paper was the longest piece of genre she has ever written.

She loves to quench her thirst for knowledge and loves what she does, professionally. But beyond her professional career is the in-depth desire to grow by expressing herself into the arts, specifically playing the piano, dancing, and journal writing/ blogging.

She is a confidently beautiful Filipina, previously based in Canada and currently based and working in Texas, USA.

Although, she had her share of short captions and photos in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and VSCO, she hopes you will like her blogs in the future and enjoy reading her feed as she is a neophyte in this blogging industry. She blogs not for business but for passion and as a new hobby.

These characteristics shows an epitome of a strong and unique woman who has a heart for the world, for nature, for music/ food/ fashion/ travel and for writing. One who is also fascinated by intellectually and physically stimulating people. She is Almira aka Jazmira.

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