Rion R. Paige, M.S.

Live Event Operations Coordinator and Worksite Benefits Coordinator in Orlando, FL

As a live event coordinator, I have worked with promoters and artists to conceive, produce and supervise the operation of live venue engagements, press opportunities, and private parties.

I've earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, while managing my own event coordination group, Ordem Direct Live. In addition to live events, I develop PR campaigns for emerging artist and educate them in personal marketing tactics.

I am a 6-year veteran of the United States Navy, credited with tours to Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, the Persian Gulf, Europe, South America and the Carribean. My extensive background in counter-intelligence, operational security, situation management and database management is deeply engrained into my business structure and daily workings as an professional.

  • Work
    • Ordem Direct Live
  • Education
    • Full Sail University