Mohammed F. Morshed


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Kafer. Raee, Jenin, West Bank-Plaestine.


Since I was a child I always wanted to become a journalist and to study media when I grow up. I have always had this passion for listening to news, reading newspapers and magazines, participating in school morning speeches and of course, writing articles with a unique style that never failed to catch my teachers’ attention.

As I grew up, my genuine interest in media and journalism grew in me and the very first step in realizing my dream was when I first joined the An-Najah National University after finishing high school with a very high average of 94.6%. I was very enthusiastic about being a journalism student, considering it to be the first step on my ambitious journey to become a professional journalist.

Soon after graduating from An-Najah University with a B.A. degree in Journalism I joined the university’s Public Relations Department as a journalist. To me, that was a great chance to bring my academic knowledge to the real world and apply what I have learned to what I do. Working in a university environment as a journalist had a huge impact on my personal and professional development. I was involved in the writing of press releases, photography (Still and video), preparing the weekly newsletter of the Department in both Arabic and English, accompanying international delegations, organizing seminars and workshops and conferences, graphic design, supervising and administering the University’s official page on Facebook, and uploading videos on YouTube among others.

As the world has become a small village with every corner being connected to the rest of the world through advanced technology and the communication revolution, journalism and media have become indispensable areas of our life. And these areas have had their advancement accelerated through the introduction of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter which have opened new possibilities and have changed the way people think of media. And in my work at An-Najah I was able to utilize the social networking websites to serve the university’s public relations affairs and media content which was a substantial addition to my experience.

Mohammed Morshed

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    • Events Coordinator at An-Najah University
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    • Bachelor Degree in Journalism